Daily Musings and Music of a Euromarket Professional

Uncomfortable as it may be, being aware of sitting on a time bomb shouldn't keep us from being able to laugh about it - and to listen to some music!

Daily musings of a euromarket professional

Friday 7 June 2013

07 Jun 2013 - " Summer In The City " (Lovin' Spoonful, 1966)

07 Jun 2013 - Summer In The City (Lovin' Spoonful, 1966)

Short one… Hitting 30 degrees… No need to stay inside!


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Wednesday 5 June 2013

05 Jun 2013 – “I Got You (I Feel Good)” (James Brown, 1965)

Amazing foot work… Really!

Blog, I missed you! As it happens I didn’t have much to say and it was time to move on. I went through serious real-time detox in the last couple of months and have now sobered up.

Might thus keep some of the publishing alive – with a different axe... Still need to find out what I will write about. Like finding a new path, or so… In the meantime, it might keep my fingers agile.

Gave some thoughts about a new blog, or blog name, but, hey, it’s still A View From MY Screens: While not having that huge 2 by 2 square in the trading room anymore, I still run a decent vertical choice in screen sizes on a personal basis: iPhone, iPad, MacBook, large screen PC, TV sets… 
The Blackberry will be overflowing and dead soon… It’s not mine anymore. At least I don’t consider it that way. Out you go little screen!

You only lose what you cling to… Buddha


If you were an avid reader of AVFMS for market update reasons, I might share some musings once in a while, but probably won’t go back into the minute by minute, data by data, bp by bp analysis anymore. So best unsubscribe.

If I find some something more exciting than writing about the serious froth in the bubble (Yes, it’s written risk f*** underpriced all over the walls) or the uselessness of trying to outwit the Central Banks Put, I’ll share with you.
But for the moment, I’ll let that be…

If you liked the musical choice, I’ll try to keep up with the search and share, maybe even with the “mood of the day”-fitting search and share.
Hang in there. Give me a couple of days or weeks to get back into the groove.

Hey, I was fired last week. I still need some grieving time.
Then again, first time in 25 years that I don’t have a professional follow-up in finance lined up.



I feel good.

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Wednesday 2 January 2013

02 Jan 2013 – “ Rock And Roll ” (Led Zeppelin, 1972)

02 Jan 2013 – “ Rock And Roll ” (Led Zeppelin, 1972)

A View From My Screens in its daily format will be put on hiatus, at least for a while.

I hope my posts brought some insights and information and were somehow useful to you, next to the discovery of musical titles you might never have heard of before or had forgotten existed.

I thank all the readers, who bore with my musical choices, be it directly on my own site and later through the mirrors on Zerohedge, the FTAlphaville Long Room as well as the Minyanville blog section and I thank these sites for offering me such a broad platform.

Fully up and running since late Spring 2012, I estimate total reads to be have been around 350k. It has been gratifying, journalistically satisfying as well as simply flattering being read so regularly, but I’m looking for more time to deepen reflection about next steps, which is not compatible with being stuck behind my screens.

Should you miss my posts, I’d be certainly saddened, but glad to hear about it. Let me know.

Any suggestion about how to make aviewfrommyscreens.com part of a broader project or how to leverage its content or my experience would be warmly welcome. Any other advice would be certainly welcome, too.

As the Mayan due-date was obviously a MISS (must have been seasonally-adjusted, instead of nsa YTD calculations or any other similar type of excuse analysts might come up with ex-ante…)
Healthy, Happy & Successful 2013 !!!

As usual:

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Need more time to dig out even better classics …