Daily Musings and Music of a Euromarket Professional

Uncomfortable as it may be, being aware of sitting on a time bomb shouldn't keep us from being able to laugh about it - and to listen to some music!

Daily musings of a euromarket professional

Saturday 30 June 2012

30 Jun 2012 - " I Thank You " (ZZ Top, 1980)

30 Jun 2012 - " I Thank You " (ZZ Top, 1980)

Past the 3.000 click mark, as of Friday noon.

One small click for you, one step beyond for me?
Just kidding...
By no means a huge number compared to flagship financial blogs, but surprising nevertheless.

Many thanks to all readers for their recurrent interest in my daily musings. As it happens, I just write the stuff to keep myself busy, as I am stuck behind a row of screens with flashing numbers for reasons beyond my control...
As I'm neither research nor analyst, and as this is not in my actual IB job description, I have some liberty of tone and the liberty to delve.
Happy to share my observations, thoughts, surprises with you during these interesting days.

What started as an offshoot of some daily stuff I was circulating has gained a blog traction surprising me. I started crancking up publication and buzz in April / May and audience has been rising for good over the last 2 months.
Slightly over half the clicks seem US-based, 20% French, followed by German and English readers for 10% each, the rest being spread over Russia, Finland, Canada, Greece, Belgium or Switzerland. Hello as well to my Australian, Indian and Turkish mail subscribers. (I think the couple of clicks out of the Maldives were actually my own, when on holiday...).
In any case, an interesting readership mix... Pushing me to make things as interesting - and entertaining - as possible
Trying my best to give you some insights into that European crisis we all seem stuck with.

Thanks to my Finnish friend at MoreLiver (http://morelivers.blogspot.fr/) for providing me with additional traffic and visibility, as well as to FT Alphaville's Long Room.

Looking to increase traffic further in the coming days.

Happy Summer-time to all! I guess it will remain hot.

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  1. The years fly so fast. Check my war story: http://morelivers.blogspot.com/2011/08/moscow-is-not-answering.html